Six Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Whether you are a professional athlete or trying to get your body ready for summer, everyone has days you don't feel like working out. There’s nothing wrong with missing a day here or there, but if you are feeling completely burnt out or unmotivated here are a couple tips to get you back on track.

1. Plan your days at the beginning of the week

If you’re not motivated or are always find yourself making excuses when going to the gym, the best thing is to plan your days at the beginning of the week. 

  • Set a goal of how many days a week you want to workout

  • Add it to your calendar at the beginning of the week to hold yourself accountable

  • Use an app to keep you on track!


Its 2019, and let’s face it, there’s an app for everything.

The Way of Life app allows you to create a lists of activities, asks you each day whether you did the activity, and shows you how well you’re doing. It’s a great way to keep you on track and practicing good habits.

Available on the app store and on google play at a discount price for a limited amount of time.


2. Read up on the benefits of exercising

Yes, everyone wants to work out to look good, but why is it good for you? Usually we want to go to the gym because of the immediate effects, but there many nonvisual benefits. 

  • Improve sleep

  • Increase energy and improve mood

  • Decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress

  • improve memory

  • Decrease risks of chronic disease (high blood pressure, diabetes)

Once you research, read (from credible sources) and identify some benefits you can better relate to, it will be easier to find motivation.

3. Keep yourself energized


How many times do you get to the end of the day and skip your workout because you’re too tired?! It’s understandable, but you can’t let that stop you. Try some natural supplements (not coffee) to get a little energy boost before your workout.

  • Multivitamin (B complex) – add a couple drops to your water or sports drink

  • Fruits (like bananas and apples) - fruit is great for quick pre-workout energy, but your post-workout snack needs to be high-protein

  • Pre-work out supplements -pre-workout (powder that is added to a drink) is often used by gym go-ers, and can increase energy, strength and endurance. However, it is extremely important to check out the ingredients! Some supplements contain ingredients harmful to the body so if you’re going the preworkout route take a look at the label.  

 Most importantly, don’t forget to hydrate!

4. Keep your gym clothes with you

This is the oldest trick in the book and the best way to trick yourself into going. If you carry your gym clothes around all day, trust me you’ll want to use them. 

You also won’t have the excuse of going back home to get your clothes. We all know once you get home, you’ll sit down on your couch and never get up. 

5. Get a personal trainer or a workout buddy 

While this may be more expensive, it’s a great tactic. Being forced to meet someone at a specific time will definitely hold you accountable. Most gym franchises have personal trainers you can schedule a free session with as soon as you join. If a trainer is too expensive, then just grab a friend, but make sure they’re reliable. You both can motivate each other to get to the gym and during the workout.

6. Reward yourself

People appreciate positive reinforcement. Set a goal to work out a certain number of times per week. At the end of the week if you reach that goal, reward yourself with your favorite desert or a cheat meal. Another alterative rewarding system is putting money in a jar (or an app like Acorn) every time you go to the gym and buy yourself something nice after a month or two. 


Staying active shouldn’t feel like a chore. Find the best method for self-motivation and stick to it to start a routine. Check out my amazon list of gym necessities for the next time you hit the gym!