Ask Away: Pre-Med/Med School Q&A – April Edition

Preparing for Medical School Questions

1.  Is it better to take Algebra or Calc based Physics?

A. It’s better to take Calc based physics. That’s the level of physics medical school admissions and your school's pre-med programs require since Calc 1 is also a pre req.

2. Are Bio 1 & Chem 1 overwhelming for 1 semester?

A. Bio 1 and Chem 1 are difficult for many people because it’s your first semester in college and you’re getting acclimated to the schedule and workload. If you think this will be too overwhelming find out when your school offers Bio 2 and Chem 2 as an alternative. My school only offered 1 in the fall and 2 in the spring so you had to take it during those semesters or else you fell behind. I would sign up for both and if it seems to be too much in the first week drop bio 1. If you drop Chem you’ll behind for Chem 2 and eventually Orgo, but taking bio later in your academic career has less consequences.

3. I'm interested in both architecture and medicine, I've always been interested in the medical field but never pushed myself because I had a fixed mindset. I'm currently in community college and an architecture major but have had a very bad experience with the architecture department; so I'm wondering, what are the steps to becoming a doctor? I'm also 25 years old. Is it too late for me?

A. You should definitely do some sort of shadowing before you commit to medicine to see if you like it. Follow a doctor around for several days a week to observe their daily schedule. After you decide medicine is the career for you, you’ll need to take all the pre med classes and the MCAT in order to apply to med school. You can take the pre med classes through a post bacc (post baccalaureate) program. Sometimes these programs have MCAT prep classes as well. Also it's never too late!! There's no maximum age for a medical student. Don't feel like you're behind.

4. Is there any way I can stay an architecture major, take all the pre med classes and somehow still get accepted into med school? Or do I need to be a bio major?

Nope you can be any major you want! You just need the pre requisite classes. Actually medical schools are encouraging students to study other majors because it diversifies their student population.

5. I'm a bit unsure about how to best spend my time after I graduate college in December. My science gpa is exactly a 3.0 and I will not take the MCAT until I finish taking physics at a nearby college after December bc I didn't have the room to take it during undergrad.

I'm strongly inclined to do a postbac or an extension program to boost my GPA but that costs a lot of money. Money I honestly don't have. Idk whether to find a job in the public health field or in a health care community org and save money that way and then apply to a postbac? Any advice would be amazing.

A. One is to focus all your energy on that MCAT and your remaining classes. If you can excel in the rest of your classes that’ll pull up your science GPA and if you knock the MCAT out of the park then I’m sure you’ll be a good applicant. With that said, do everything you can to get an A in those classes and the best GPA possible. Get a tutor from day 1. Don’t wait until you don’t understand. Get a tutor just so you can go over what you just learned in classes in a one on one environment.

For the MCAT I would suggest starting with Examkrackers to start reading and going over the information for the MCAT before you officially start studying for it. Once you’re ready to start studying for the MCAT definitely enroll in a prep class .

My second suggestion is to find a job doing what you love that can be medically related. If you love being around doctors office apply to be a medical assistant. If you want to do public health you can apply for America corps or something like that, but just make sure you enjoy it.


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