Ask Away: Pre-Med/Med School Q&A - May Edition

Preparing for Medical School Questions


1. I’m a freshman who is not great at science and math. Is it possible to make it as a doctor? Also is it possible to get into medical school without a near-perfect GPA?

Hi! It’s possible but you do need to improve in both the sciences and math because they are the core of your undergrad foundation. I would suggest getting a tutor as soon as those classes start to make sure you always understand the material. Sometimes the problem is not you’re bad at a subject, the problem is you don’t know how to retain or apply the information.

Also near perfect GPAs aren’t necessary but you absolutely need to excel in other areas aka research, extracurricular activities and your MCAT score.


2. I am having such trouble getting into a good pre med type of track. I go to a school that doesn’t have a lab so I’m taking outside classes at another school. Should I transfer to a city college from a state college for my pre reqs or keep going to 2 schools?

I would suggest looking at the school you currently attend and the college that offers the pre med program to determine which program is ranked higher and which is more beneficial to your pre med career. I think the state college should be ranked higher but you should definitely Google just to see for yourself. In which case, academically they’ll appreciate the state college more so stay there. I would continue taking the labs at the city college because you should only have a couple more labs left.


3.     Can you talk about post bac programs?!

Post bacc programs are 1-year programs that include all the pre reqs for Med School. The fall semester is all of the first level courses (Chem 1, Bio 1, Orgo 1, and Physics 1) and the spring semester includes the second level courses. Post bacc programs are used either to take classes you didn’t have a chance to take in undergrad (because you had a non-science major) or you need to bring up your science GPA.

When studying during your post bacc program you definitely need to do the best you can and aim for a 3.7 or greater gpa. This is definitely not easy because you have all the labs for each class in addition to the normal classes.

Some programs are directly linked to the med school and if you do well enough you’re automatically accepted to the med school. I would suggest looking for those programs to make things easier for you!

Lastly, these programs aren’t cheap so if you’re in undergrad don’t plan to start doing well in your post bacc program. Start doing well now!

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