Moscow -Olympic Qualifier #2

Date- May 24-6, 2019

Location - Moscow, Russia

Result - 54th


After three weeks of traveling between Asia and Europe I decided to go home to rest for a week and a half until the Grand Prix. I for some reason I think because my body knew my break from med school officially started I was completely exhausted and slept for days. But don’t forget rest of the very important part of being an athlete.

The following week, I went to Moscow to meet up with the men and women saber fencers for the first Grand Prix of the season. Grand Prix’s consist of both men and women fencers (no we’re not fencing each other) and the point values are higher. Most times when you wake up the day of a competition, you feel 100% and have a fire ignited inside you. You know it’s gonna be a great day. For whatever reason I was not feeling 100% on the day of the Moscow Grand Prix. But that’s ok! As an experienced fencer, I knew I just needed to figure out a way to turn the fire on.


I ended up finishing 4-2 after pools, not as well as I wanted but that’s ok. Because I didn’t do so well after pool and the large number of the fencers in the competition, I would have to fence 2 bouts to make it to day 2. After 2 hard bouts, I made it!

As I got ready to prepare for the next day I want to take my mind off and saying and not look at my bracket until after dinner. Everyone kept asking if I knew who I was fencing the following day, so eventually I found out not only was I fencing a teammate but my roommate. Awkward! Eventually, you have to compete against the people you get close to you. I knew this would just be a testament of how much I’ve grown as a fencer and a competitor. It was a great bout going back-and-forth between both of us but my teammate took it away and won 15-14. The last individual competition for me until the first national competition in October.