Toronto - Pan American Championships

Date - July 2, 2019

Location- Toronto

Result- 1st!

Every competitive fencer is training to make the national team, which competes in zonal championships in June and world championships in July. Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the 2019 national team. Although heartbreaking, I have to focus on the next goal of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic team. The U.S. decided to take me as an alternate for in the team event, which meant I’d be traveling to Toronto ready to fence in case anyone on the team was injured. Shortly after arriving, I was informed I would be fencing on the team due to several injuries.

The CN Tower

The CN Tower

The Distillery District

The Distillery District

This required different preparation for several reasons. Usually team event is a day after individuals. The intensity from the previous day makes you bring a crazy amount of fire to the team event. However, I didn’t fence in individuals and that hunger wasn’t there. So I had to get creative. How could I get myself to be a mindset where I’m ready to kill these girls (figuratively speaking of course)? I watched several athletic movies including ,Creed II. There’s nothing like that training seen with Michael B Jordan in the desert to really inspire you.


The day of the team event came. This was a really important competition because we need the USA to have a a high world ranking in order to qualify a team for the Olympics. No pressure right? Regardless, I knew we could do it if we stayed focused and fence really well. We won zonal championships resulting in my first metal at an international competition. Yay me! After years and years of sitting at home watching zonal championships on the YouTube live stream and seeing the winners on the US fencing website I was finally on the website alongside them. While this really is an amazing feeling there’s still more work to be done.

Next stop: World Championships!